Top 5 Reasons Why Boston Should Be Your College Town

America’s College Town is home to over 100 colleges and universities in and around Boston and Cambridge. Forbes list of “America’s Top Colleges of 2014” said that MIT and Harvard are two of the highest ranking colleges annually in the country. As Global Innovation Agency’s most innovative city in the country, Boston dominates global economic growth more than any other place in the US. Come and learn from the first college in the country (Harvard University), or just revel in our dynamic revolutionary history that shaped American lives as we know it. As Forbes’ smartest city in the US, there’s no better place to go to college: We here at Cambridge Realty guarantee it.


The Benefits of Boston-Based Business

Boston offers even more than an inviting job market in the new, shiny and booming downtown Boston, or at the startups popping up in Kendall and Fort Point. According to the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s report “Boston By the Numbers: Colleges and Universities,” Boston colleges employ over 68,000 people annually, and indirectly employ over 80,000 people across Massachusetts. With 6.5 percent of the city’s jobs, Boston colleges and universities help reinvigorate the economy and support not just Boston’s economic rehabilitation, but Massachusetts as well. This fact alone can help recent college graduates feel more comfortable and confident finding a job in a city that it on its way towards endless success (and that’s filled with eager Boston alumni to network with).

No Car, No Problem

Boston’s walkability isn’t taken for granted; no matter where you are in the city, you can find your way home (whether you’re deliriously drunk or still on a North End pastry sugar-high). Along with being one of the most bitable cities in the country, according to Forbes, Boston’s subway system isn’t that bad either. As the first subway system in the country, the T is truly an antique gem; it may not be open all hours of the night, but is like a dependable, responsible friend who holds your hand on your commute home from work. You feel safe as a student walking in Boston: we may not have the greatest police records, but as am impromptu campus, Boston takes the cake.

Student Social Sanctuary

Boston is home to so many cultural marvels in art, entertainment, and sports that as a student, you could never be bored. From the House of Blues to Fenway, there’s something for everyone to do. Nightlife is geared more towards 18+ than any other city, and Boston is home to Tony award winning acting groups and musicals alike. Taking a day trip? Boston is also a great central location in New England where you can get to beaches to swim, mountains to ski, and other prime spots in winter or summer lickety-split.

We’re Wicked Diverse

With over 250,000 college students living in Boston and Cambridge, there’s never a shortage of people to meet; and with 8 percent of your classmates coming from other countries and cultures, you come in contact with unparalleled diversity, culture, and world-wide experiences. DID WE MENTION THE FOOD? Boston has some of the best food in the world, and recently has become a hub for budding culinary artists and foodies. This city has no shortage of talent: it’s character and charm make you feel like you’re home eating pasta from your grandmother’s chipped china. It’s better than your hometown, it’s your college town.

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