Top 5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Shops in Boston

The newest coffee craze has caffeine addicts searching for the best cold brew for their morning commute. Cold brew, cold press, or Toddy coffee is made differently from normal iced-coffee. Through different methods of steeping and filtering, cold brew is never heated and has a higher concentration of caffeine when compared to normal iced-coffee. Cold brew is sweeter, less bitter, and is increasingly popular among Boston coffee shops. Go check out this trend at these cafes near you!


1. 1369 Coffee House

Awarded “Best Iced Coffee of Boston” in 2013 by Boston Magazine, 1369 Coffee House is one of the best cold brew coffee bars in Boston because it provides crisp and smooth cold brew every morning to their iced-coffee customers. With locations in Inman Square and Central Square in Cambridge, 1369 not only provides regulars with a home-away-from-home atmosphere, but also strives to give back to the Cambridge community through volunteering and support. Never selling roasted coffee over a week old, 1369 truly provides the most fresh and satisfying cold brew in Boston. Our personal favorite, 1369, sells mouth-watering pastries and even offers a specialty drink called the “growler,” a 64-ounce jug of cold brew refillable at your convenience. They even deliver to locals in Cambridge!

2. Thinking Cup

A step from the Boston Common, Thinking Cup offers cold brew daily made from Oregon’s exclusive “Stumptown Coffee.” With locations in the North End and the Back Bay as well, Thinking Cup not only provides great coffee but also a variety of teas, breakfast, pastry, and lunch options.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Bars in Boston-Thinking Cup


3. Pavement Coffee House

Named “Top 20 Coffee Bar in America” by USA Today, Pavement Coffee House sells cold brew in over four locations across Boston. With their newest location opening up at Fenway, Pavement Coffee House’s homemade bagels and breads only enhance the homely atmosphere and exceptional coffee blends already standard at every Pavement coffee bar

. Best Cold Brew Coffee Bars in Boston-Pavement Coffee House

4. Dwelltime

Another gem located in mid-Cambridge, Dwelltime offers a variety of cold brew blends for the coffee enthusiast. Try out the Hacienda, Santa Rosa, and Nitro at Dwelltime; or why not try a cold brew tea instead? Dwelltime also sponsors and displays local artists and charities, supporting not only your caffeine addiction but your creativity as well.

5. Café Nero

At three different locations in the Boston area, Café Nero offers cold brew in conjunction with handmade sandwiches, salads, and specialty drinks. The all-Italian coffee bar prides itself on their quality Italian blends and roasts since 1997. This family-run café serves local produce and freshly-made sandwiches daily; perfect for your lunch-break and mid-morning snack.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Bars in Boston-CafeNero


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