Top 4 Crepes to Crave in Boston

The French classic, the crepe, has become an international trend and staple among urban city dwellers. These four crepe places are the best in Boston for their sweet, savory, super, and sometimes gluten-free crepe options. Sweet crepes, or dessert crepes, are the most popular for their frequent use of Nutella, another European fad. Savory crepes, or lunch crepes, are filled with cheese, meat and vegetables. Super-sized, vegetarian, or gluten-free options are also usually offered at any amenable crepe establishment. Make sure to try out these mouth-watering top 4 crepes to crave in Boston on your lunch break!


The Paris Creperie

Located in Coolidge Corner, the Paris Creperie offers an array of breakfast and savory crepes with the freshest ingredients, as well as smoothies and a full café. Try a Nutella chocolate drink with your savory or sweet crepe at their food truck in Brookline. The Paris Creperie even caters graduations and weddings alike!

Mr. Crepe

Check out Mr. Crepe in Davis Square! Mr. Crepe offers gourmet savory and sweet crepes, super-sized and vegetarian options, as well as a full bakery! Try their salads or homemade granola parfait. You can’t go wrong with gluten free and vegetarian options, not to mention their espresso bar! 

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Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes

This artisan coffee and crepe place uses ingredients and coffees from all over the world, using their venue to support initiatives and charities locally and abroad. These breakfast, savory, and sweet crepes will go fantastically with their unique teas and coffees from around the globe. Try a special daily pairing of coffee and crepe in the store!

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Crispy Crepes Café

These authentic French crepes, pastas and salads on A Park Drive definitely hit the spot. They offer everything from sweet to savory, super-sized to vegetarian options. A sweet crepe is a perfect desert after filling yourself with their homemade pasta, so a trip to Crispy Crepe Café is undoubtedly worth the walk.

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