The Sleep Number x12 is Infused with Sleep Monitoring Technology

article-2535859-1A7E905100000578-970_634x286Sleep Number recently introduced the x12 bed at CES, which is the first bed that allows you to “track and optimize your sleep via SleepIQ technology”. So not only will you be able to adjust the firmness on each side of the bed (with a remote or voice commands), but the bed will also give you sleepy-time data with a sleep score. This is done via the wireless connection in the bed which is connected an app on your smartphone.

Also, the bed can be plugged into your bedside lamps so you can set a timer on your lamps or turn it off with the remote.  If your partner snores there is a button that will tilt their side of the bed six degrees upward so they will stop snoring.

If that’s not good enough, there is also a soft light located under the bed and the mattress has the ability to give you a full body massage.

Time states, “Instead of wearing a gadget to bed — say on your wrist — the entire x12 bed itself acts as a sleep tracker, monitoring your heart rate and how often you move around during the night.”

With all these features this bed is not cheap. It is currently priced at $8,000 for a queen size and will go on sale February 8th.

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