The Seven Most Satisfying Slices in Boston

Your humble servants at Cambridge Realty bring you a list of the seven most satisfying slices of pizza that our beautiful city of Boston has to offer. Take our advice and visit the places with the crunchiest crust, the stringiest cheese, and the spiciest pepperoni and set your taste buds ablaze.


The Upper Crust Pizzeria

With six locations in and around Boston, Upper Crust Pizzeria is by far the best place to get mouth-watering pizza at the best prices. Winner of “Best of Boston” Best Pizza, Upper Crust has gluten free, veggie, and plenty of juicy and meaty options for every type of pizza-lover. I know where I’m stopping on my lunch break.

Regina Pizzeria

Claiming to have the best pizza since 1926, Regina Pizzeria has quite possibly the best brick oven pizza around. Located in the North End, and even Fenway, Regina Pizzeria is a classic; simple, fresh ingredients top some of the best crust we’ve ever tasted. So go give Regina Pizzeria a visit; it’s definitely worth the wait.

Santarpio’s Pizza

Inducted in Boston’s Hall of Fame, Santarpio’s started a pizza-revolution in 1903 with some of the best pizza in Boston. Winner of “Best of Boston” Best Pizzeria three years in a row, from 2010 to 2012, Santarpio’s has amazing traditional pizza and tons of options for everyone who craves the savory-goodness of a good slice.

All Star Pizza Bar

A Cambridge favorite, All Star Pizza Bar always has a line out the door in Inman Square. Try out their sandwich bar too; All Star Sandwich Bar is beyond delicious as well. They just do everything well. I know we will be walking across the street for some uh-mazing lunch.

Emma’s Pizza

Another favorite, Emma’s Pizza in Kendall Square has unique combinations with great ingredients. Emma’s is an office favorite, with hand crafted crust that’s as thin as paper. Have a slice -or 20. We don’t judge, we’ll buy our own personal pizza and join in on the party!


The Cambridge pizzeria’s never end with this New York Style pizzeria; on Huron Ave. it may looks like a smaller place, but the pizza is to die for. Check out this wonderful pizza place for an afternoon bite!

Alfredo’s Italian Kitchen

Alfredo’s Italian Kitchen is the classic Italian experience in Cambridge, Somerville, and more. This family-run restaurant has great pizza and a great atmosphere to keep your pizza-cravings at bay. Everything is homemade and delicious, so definitely give one of their 8 locations a visit.

Picco Restaurant

In the South End of Boston, Picco gives you every option for the bonafide pizza-connoisseur. From lightly charred to well done, Picco has great pizza for your entire family.

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