The 8 best coffee shops in Boston

According to a new study, Bostonian love their coffee shops. What are the best coffee shops in Boston?

Bostonians start drinking coffee really young: 15 percent of 2-year-olds have as much as 4 ounces each day! Although it might not be very healthy, it gives us an excuse to share our list of the best coffee shops in Boston!


Dwelltime is a coffee bar & bake shop located in Cambridge. While Dwelltime is mainly an island-style coffee shop, they also serve sandwiches and salads. They also have a large brunch menu on the week-ends. Caution: Dwelltime does not permit the use of laptops at the tables during the weekends.

The Thinking Cup

Thinking Cup opened its doors in December 2010 and  is ideally located just steps from the Boston Common. It prides itself on serving exclusively “Stumptown Coffee”, known for being one of the world’s finest coffee beans. If you are not in the mood for coffee you will also find a rich variety of teas and pastries. Without a doubt The Thinking cup is one of the best coffee shops in Boston.

. best coffee shops in Boston the thinking cup

1369 Coffee House

best coffee shops in Boston 1369 coffee house

1369 Coffee House is one of the most renowned and award winning coffee shop in the Boston area. With two locations in Inman and Central Square, the 1369 Coffee House prides itself on its comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Tea-drinkers are also welcome here as this coffee shop sells more than 25 exotic loose leaf teas and a house-made chai (black tea, spices, and honey).

Wired Puppy

This European-style espresso café carries only organic, direct trade specialty coffees and teas, all very certified and all very kosher. The top-dog-fan-favorite is the Sweet Puppy Love blend, a slightly smoky medium/dark combo of Vienna, Italian, and French roasts. They also offer free WiFi and computer use, which is perfect for the students who don’t feel like carrying their laptops around Boston.

best coffee shops in Boston wired puppy

Diesel Café

best coffee shops in Boston diesel café

Started by two buddies (Tucker and Jennifer) in May of 1999 and located in Davis Square, Diesel Café was granted the 2011 Green Business of the Year Award by the Somerville Chamber of Commerce. Diesel café’s atmosphere is always hip and inviting as it is a gathering spot for many students.

Flour Bakery + Cafe

best coffee shops in Boston flour bakery

With two locations in Boston and one in Cambridge, Flour is the perfect destination for college students with a sweet tooth. Everything at Flour is homemade and delicious.

Render Coffee

Render Coffee is a cozy daytime gathering spot where artisanal coffee shares the menu with quiche, bagels & sandwiches.The place is known for having many amazing international grinds such as Baroida (Papua New Guinea), El Gavilán (Ecuador), or La Golondrina (Colombia).

Bloc 11

This coffee place is committed to maintaining the art and craft of artisanal coffee prepa­ra­tion. Their latte is especially amazing.The ambiance is very relaxing and hip and the staff is always great.

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