Quiz: In What Neighborhood in Boston Do You Belong?

Take this quiz to find out which Boston neighborhood is hiding your next apartment! Tally up your responses and figure out which neighborhood fits your lifestyle and habits best. We at Cambridge Realty believe that everyone can find a place to call home in Boston; so check out this quiz and see what’s in store for you this coming September 1st!


Best Mid-Day Snack…

a)A cold brew iced-coffee and a gluten free muffin on recycled paper plates.

b) An espresso and a cannoli from Mike’s.

c) A five-hour-energy and a Metro Cafe salad to-go.

d) Why go out to eat? I brought my peach and Chobani in my lunchbox to snack on.


How Do You Commute…

a) I prefer to bike to work, it’s better for the environment, my health and my wallet!

b) My Charlie Card is always in my hand.

c) Either the T or Uber, depending on traffic and my earliest meeting.

d) I like to drive to work.


Ideal Date Night…

a) Let’s go to a free concert and get some juice at Liquiteria in Harvard Square!

b) Before the sox game we went to Tavern In the Square bar for a couple drinks and apps.

c) He treated me to the newest blockbuster then we walked the harbor.

d) Netflix movie night anyone?


Where do you shop most…

a) I love checking out Harvard Square’s farmers’ market, they have the best fresh produce.

b) I can never get enough of that North End bakery-style pizza.

c) Newbury Street has the best shops around, how could I shop anywhere else?

d) Online shopping is the best kind of shopping, you don’t have to leave the couch!



Mosty A’s: You belong in Cambridge/Somerville!

Full of academic rigor and environmental awareness, Cambridge/ Somerville is the innovation-hub of Boston. You can find your chi laying out in Harvard Yard, but you also appreciate the challenge of some of the world’s top institutions. You most likely work for a start-up and wear thickly-rimmed glasses to pull off your hipster look.

Mostly B’s: Allston/ Brighton/ Fenway are your stomping-grounds.

You belong in college-central; you can deal with everyone from BU breathing down your neck because of the amazing and eclectic food choices and arts surrounding you. Being so close to Fenway and the gem that is the North End isn’t so bad either. You probably are working on your grad-degree while you walk dogs and serve lattes on the weekend.

Mostly C’s: You can’t wait to explore Downtown/ Back Bay.

Your career has already taken off in the most up-and-coming area in Boston. Fort Point and Seaport are being built-up by Boston’s biggest architecture firms, so it’s booming economic and business-oriented atmosphere is perfect for your ambitious and diligent attitude. You most definitely are an intern, or maybe even a new employee, of one of the many businesses growing their roots in Downtown.

Mostly D’s: Stop pretending you’re in college, you better go home to “The Burbs” (Medford, Malden, Jamaica Plain, etc.)

You’ve lived in every other part of Boston paying the highest rents imaginable, and now you know you want to settle down with your dog in The Burbs. Cheaper rent makes up for the longer commute, plus you get a bigger yard and some peace and quiet from all those college hooligans. Don’t fret, you still get the chance to experience the best of Boston, just on your own terms. Plus, you’re frugal financials and time-management skills makes you smarter than the rest of us in our 20s.

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