Best Breweries in Boston (that you might not know)

Everybody knows the Samuel Adams and Harpoon Breweries that have revolutionised the craft beer scene in the last decades. But there is more to the craft beer and brewery scene in Greater Boston! Let’s take a look at the best breweries in Boston that you might not know… 1. Cambridge Brewing […]

5 Best swimming pools in Boston

The summer weather is here to stay. Why not go for a swim ? For you we gathered the 5 best swimming pools in Boston. 1. Zesiger Center at MIT MIT’s Zesiger Center is allowing non-students to use its pools and believe us these are super nice ones (one is 50 meters […]

5 things to do on Memorial day in Boston

Memorial Day honors those who died in wars defending our country and our freedom. Memorial Day also marks the unofficial beginning of summer in Boston. For many people it means having a long week-end. Are you looking for things to do on Memorial day in Boston? We’ve got you covered! 1. […]

5 Date ideas in Boston

Spring again! As the weather is getting nicer everyday some couples start to realize that the rough winter might have taken a toll on their recent dates and romantic nights. No problem! We gathered for you 5 classic and affordable date ideas in and around Boston. 1. Visit an Art […]

5 Best patio bars in Boston

The weather is getting nicer everyday! Get your dose of sunshine (and alcohol) at the best patio bars in Boston. Daedalus If you are looking for a classy outdoor drinking spot. Daedalus’s rooftop patio is made for you! Ready with both heat lamps (for the winter) and fans (for the summer) to […]

Top 4 Shopping Spots in Boston

Warmer weather means new wardrobes! As we are ditching the sweaters and coats it’s time to go shopping for a summer outfit. What are the best shopping spots in Boston? 1. Burlington Mall Burlington Mall is located in the nearby town of Burlington a couple of minutes away from downtown […]

Best 5 comedy clubs in Boston

Many famous comedians came from Boston or lived in Boston at some point of their careers: B.J Novak, Louis C.K, Conan O’Brian, Marc Maron… What are the best 5 comedy clubs in Boston? 1-Comedy Studio Located in Harvard Square, the Comedy Studio was formed by comedians wanting to add a […]

best houseplants

7 best houseplants

What are the best houseplants for your apartment? Having some plants in your apartment comes with a multitude of benefits. It is known to reduce airborne toxins, increase productivity and lower stress-levels. However when considering taking a plant roommate it’s best to choose a low maintenance and hard to kill […]

Top 10 Places to Bike in Boston

What are the Top 10 Places to Bike in Boston? Minutemen Bike Path This 11-mile historical path runs through Cambridge, Bedford, Lexington and Arlington. The path can be access in Cambridge at the Alewife station with several seasonal refreshment areas along the way. One of the best places to bike in […]

5 Picnic Spots around Boston

The weather is getting nicer everyday. It gives us a perfect excuse to share our 5 favorite picnic spots around Boston! Clement G Morgan Park This newly refurbished this park has everything:  basketball courts, a playground, picnic tables and an excellent brand new lawn. Even if it’s quite small,  this […]