London real estate bubble

Thinking about buying a house in London ? You might want to reconsider or wait until London real estate bubble bursts…

Thinking about buying a house in London ? You might want to reconsider…Because of the real-estate boom, London’s housing market is now worth as much as Brazil’s annual GDP -$2.2 trillion – even though Brazil is the world’s eighth economy.

London real estate bubble

Properties in Notting Hill, London

And that’s not all: properties in two of London’s most expensive areas (Kensington and Westminster) are together worth $345 billion. That’s more than Denmark’s GDP

This situation would be a consequence of both a strong domestic demand and an important and always rising influx of cash from wealthy Russian and Chinese investors.

As a direct consequence young workers and professionals are finding it harder and harder to buy in London and are renting in ever greater numbers instead.

However it has been said that the London real estate bubble might burst soon, mainly because of the current plunging oil prices and the decreasing value of the euro.

While it might sound less glamorous, it might be more reasonable to invest in Cambridge’s real estate market after all…


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