Best Breweries in Boston (that you might not know)

Everybody knows the Samuel Adams and Harpoon Breweries that have revolutionised the craft beer scene in the last decades. But there is more to the craft beer and brewery scene in Greater Boston! Let’s take a look at the best breweries in Boston that you might not know…

1. Cambridge Brewing Company

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Very popular locally and established in 1989, the Cambridge Brewing Company focuses on high quality craft beers. They were the first commercial brewery in America to produce a Belgian beer. Their menu  is seasonally driven and they always make sure to use local and fresh ingredients. They often use beer in their menu and recipes.

2. Trillium Brewing

Fort Point Channel, Boston,

Trillum Brewing is a family owned and operated brewery. Trillium’s mission is to  bring creative and flavourful beers to their customers. The specialised in brewing delicious IPAs and special sour beers made from local malt and hops. If you go there be sure to try their Trillium farmhouse ale. Beware, they don’t serve food. One of the best breweries in Boston.

Best  Breweries in Boston (that you might not know)

3. Night Shift Brewing

Everett, Massachusetts

Night Shift Brewing was founded in 2012 by a trio of friends with a shared passion for nocturnal home-brewing. Their goal is to brew memorable and innovative beer. Their brewery offers guided tours, bottle sales, growler fills. We highly recommend the Whirlpool. Even if they don’t serve food they have you are always welcome to bring your own. Food-trucks are also often stopping by the Brewery.

4. Mystic Brewery

Chelsea, Massachusetts

Best  Breweries in Boston (that you might not know)

This  brewery follows old-school brewing methods to create its range of well-known Belgian-style ales. They focus on using local fruits and yeast strains and incorporate them into their brews. They are really famous for their “Cycle Saisonnier” series, which offers a new style each season. No food served there so bring your own.

5. Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project

Somerville, Massachusetts (not open to the public)

Founded seven years ago by husband-and-wife team Dann and Martha Paquette, this proudly quirky tenant brewer  makes unusual takes on traditional saisons and Belgian tripels and quads. Inspiration can come from anywhere: vintage German postcards, The Book of Saints, even a tree full of decaying baby dolls….Talking about that be sure to try the Baby Tree, a Belgian-style quadrupel! 

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