Apartment search tips

Finding the perfect apartment can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking. It can be even harder in Boston, which is home to thousands of students all looking for a place to live at the same time. Don’t panic ! Here are a few tips that will help you with your apartment search.

Apartment search

One of our beautiful available apartments right by Central square

1)      Narrow your search

The Boston area has a number of wonderful neighborhoods so it would be beneficial to choose your favorite one or two before starting your apartment search. Factor in the community, the shops, price and transportation.

2)     Identify your top three priorities

Your future apartment has to meet your needs. Staying within your budget would be one priority, then chose two more that are most important to you before starting your apartment search. Some priorities may include parking, laundry, and the landlord’s pet policy.

 3)     Keep track of multiple listings and compare

It can become too much when you get to your 10th visited apartment and everything begins to be one big blur. Keep an organized list  and compare the pros and cons of each places you visited during your apartment search.

4)     Be prepared

It is always good to be prepared to sign a lease when you find the right apartment. That means being ready to fill out paperwork and put down a deposit because some apartments are rented extremely fast.

5)     Ask questions

Uncover any hidden costs that may be associated with signing the lease. Are window treatments included? Which (if any) utilities are included? Is there a fee to use building amenities or for parking?

Also, be sure to ask if there are any utilities included or if a broker fee is required.

6)     Be sure to search different places

Search CraigslistTruliaHotpads, Lovely and similar websites during your apartment search. Also, don’t forget to contact real estate agencies like Cambridge Realty Group to find an agent to work with.

Our Tenant FAQ is also here to help you! Good luck !

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