8 Activities for Fun Under the Sun

Here’s 8 great ideas to occupy you and your restless family this summer. When you’re tired of days trips to the nearest pool and you need someplace to bring the kids, here’s a list of how you can distract even the most hyper of youngsters in our beloved Boston.

1. Next Stop, Imagination Station!

Boston Children’s Museum is the perfect place to bring the little ones, right on the boardwalk in Fort Point, it will be a fantastic day for exploration and play time. With fishing and science on the boardwalk, you can get an ice cream and draw a chalk-town to your hearts/ content. But more importantly explore the museum’s endless array of thought-provoking and fun activities for you and your kids. Marking 100 years of fun under their belts, the Boston Children’s Museum a perfect and endless distraction for kids of all ages.

2. Get Quackin’

You kids will love the Boston Duck Tour, the combined bus and boat ride will enchant your kids while the tour guide makes duck noises that they will imitate for the rest of the day. Be a tourist just for the day, and learn the history of Boston while your kids have fun galavanting around Boston in a giant duck!

3. Science!

Learn the science behind your favorite Pixar characters and movies at the Boston Museum of Science. Your kids will love to learn about the marvels of our universe, from NASA to the Pacific Ocean, the wealth of knowledge this museum offers will have your kids asking questions for days. Get in a simulated airplane and learn in the family-friendly and fun Boston Museum of Science.

4. Monkey-Business

Visit the Franklin Park Zoo; it will be a curiosity-filled adventure for your kids to learn about every animal and plant they see. It’s such a great way to spend a nice day looking at exotic reptiles and monkeys galore. There’s even a playground!

5. Turtle-Time and Penguin Paradise

Take your kids to the New England Aquarium, with an IMAX theater and turtles your kids will most definitely be quoting ‘Finding Nemo.’ It’s a great way to explode your kids to the big blue ocean, without taking them to the beach! It’s worth buying a ticket for this air-conditioned fun.

6. Paddle Boats

Take your kids out on the Charles River in Boston Pedal Boats and enjoy the nice weather and avoid the humidity of the playground. The Esplanade is also a great place to take a walk, or bring the kids’ scooters to mess around and enjoy Boston’s sunny days.


The LEGOLAND Discover Center in Somerville is definitely something to get excited about. With indoor rides, a 4D cinema, and tons of space and inspiration to build the best worlds straight form your children’s heads (and maybe your own).

8. Boston Movie Theaters

Boston is filled with fantastic movie theater, 3D and IMAX alike, to take your kids on a rainy day (or even a sunny one). Go see new releases like Pixel or Minions at the AMC Loews in Boston Common, or at Regal Cinemas at Fenway Stadium. Definitely see Jurassic World at AMC Loews in Assembly Row, or check out Ant Man in 3D or go see Inside Out and stuff your kids with buttery popcorn and candy for the afternoon. It’s less expensive for a matinee, so treat you kids to a movie and some candy to rot their teeth.

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