7 Vegetarian Eateries Around Boston

Being a vegetarian can be tough, when you go out for food you can only get a salad so many times. People assume that vegetarian options need to be bare bones and simple at many chain restaurants, and you end up feeling like you wasted a meal. Luckily, the Boston area has tons of locations that cater to vegetarians and spice up the options with great menus and atmosphere.

  1. Veggie Galaxy

Located on 450 Mass Ave, Central Square in Cambridge, Veggie Galaxy has an old time diner feel with a progressive attitude and menu. Veggie galaxy can meet your vegetarian needs late and early, being open from 9am to 10pm. MBTA accessible and located in bustling central square Veggie Galaxy has delicious options from butternut squash soup, to make your own omelet options and delicious sandwiches.

  1. Life Alive

The Life Alive in Cambridge acts as a companion restaurant to the original in Lowell. Also located in Central Square, Life alive is an experience as well as a restaurant. This establishment is offering a rejuvenating meal complete with soups, smoothies, and fresh, made to order unprocessed grains and vegetables. Each dish is topped with an enzyme sauce to aid in digestion and add to the flavor. If you are committed to a vegetarian lifestyle this place is for you. Located on 765 Mass Ave, Life Alive is a hotspot for delicious vegetarian food.

  1. O2 vegan café

This vegan café is attached to O2 yoga, so if you’re looking for a good meal and a some cleansing yoga, this place is a good two for one! Fully vegan, this café has options for breakfast and lunch, ranging from the house veggie burger to a tofurkey melt, to vegan nacos with avocado crema. Located on 1001 Mass Ave, halfway between Harvard square and Central Square on the Red Line, O2 vegan café is the solution to revitalize both body and soul.

4.  Mother Juice

Located on 625 West Kendall Street in Cambridge this all vegan juice bar uses only organic fruits and vegetables in their cold pressed juice and smoothies. Mother juice pays special attention to having their materials come from local sources so you can enjoy healthy, ethical drinks that support the local economy. They also have raw vegan snacks to go along with their delicious juices such as Chia seed pudding. Stop in Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm for your vegan juice fix.

5.  My Thai Vegan and Bubble Tea Bistro

Located in Chinatown, on 3 Beach St. on the second floor, this café is all vegan. Offering a variety of hot and cold drinks to complement their vegan Thai dishes, this café has an extensive menu and a wonderful dining atmosphere. They use ingredients like lemon leaves, lime juice, and basil to burst open the palette in certain places, while using curry and coconut milk to bring a delicious mildness as well

6.  Rhythm and wraps

Located…on the road! This Food truck serves areas around Boston University and Harvard. The chef is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, and specializes in vegetarian and Ayurvedic-inspired cooking. That reputation comes with some delicious dishes to back it up, such as the Chickpea Vegetable Curry, and a variety of wraps using vegan sausage or tempeh bacon. Rhythm and wraps is perfect for a vegetarian meal when you don’t have time to sit down somewhere and eat.

7.  Taco party Food truck

Another one for the road, this food truck rotates between Seaport, Financial District, Rowes Wharf, Somerville, and Chinatown. As the name implies, this food truck is all about tacos and Mexican food, but it’s all vegan! There are the staples of the truck, like a taco with seitan marinated in citrus love potion, and a tofu taco with seasoned bread crumbs, but then there’s a surprise. Every day the truck has a different seasonal taco of the day special. This is a truck to follow day to day to find new tastes when it drives into town.


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