7 Best Juice Bars in Boston

The juice-bar-trend has been popping up all over Boston, getting both health nuts and fast-food-junkies alike excited about the fresh and smooth juice that can help refresh your body like nothing else can. It cools you down on a hot summer day, while at the same time keeping you energized throughout the work day!Check out our list of the 7 best juice bars in Boston so you can explore a different kind of workday snack.


Boston ProJuice

Boston ProJuice, driving all over Boston and visiting the best locations, has the most variety and the best produce for your juice cravings. Get some kale chips, or even some frozen produce popsicles, at this prime location to help jump start your healthy living.

Squeeze Juice Bar

With three locations in Boston, Squeeze Juice Bar has unique juices for whatever specific mood or need you require. Not only offering juice, but smoothies and acai bowls, Squeeze Juice Bar is a great place to visit for plenty of tasty and fresh juice options.


With organic, vegan, gluten-free and raw options, Cocobeet has been featured in many a magazine for it’s vast array of juice cleanse options for the serious juicer, as well as a fresh cold-pressed juices for your lunch break.


Jugos on Dartmouth St offers everything from old school detoxes to plenty of Mexican-style juices and drinks for everyone to enjoy. It’s a truly unique juice-bar option that has plenty of combinations and ingredients that no other juice-bar offers. Definitely worth a visit for the adventurous juice-fanatic!


With a new location in Harvard Square, New York-centeralized Liquiteria has come to Boston to bring students the best juice options for cleanses, detoxes, smoothies and more. Go check out there newest location at Harvard to try and compare their juices to the other Boston-natives!

Mother Juice

With a location in Kendall, Mother Juice has 100% organic everything! With a food truck as well, Mother Juice uses local produce to make snacks, smoothies, and every juice for your pleasure and enjoyment. Definitely worth the T ride.

Juice Republic

With a lot of juice and tea options, Juice Republic delivers awesome juice blends from Kneeland St. With shots of the best ingredients to smoothies, Juice Republic is an under-rated gem that juice-lovers should most definitely check out.

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