6 Spots for Outdoor Yoga in Boston

Here are the best, and most importantly free, 6 Spots for Outdoor Yoga in Boston! Watch the sunset while you practice sun-salutations at your favorite parks and by the prettiest scenery in town. Try this new fitness routine, available on the weekends and sometimes even after your long day at work! This list will most definitely make your summer more healthy and fit, without spending anything!

1. Yoga on the Esplanade

Check out Healthy, Fit and Fun for some amazing free fitness on the Charles River! Try Sunset Yoga on Wednesdays at 6:00PM, or CrossFit on Thursdays at 6:00PM, or join Run Club or Zumba for free every week! The Esplanade Association requires you to register online, but it’s worth the extra five minutes for some free outdoor fitness!

2. Free Yoga Classes at Boston Common Frog Pond

Free summer yoga at the Boston Common Frog Pond is offered from June 4th to August 27th, on Thursdays at 6:00PM! This popular event attracts over 100 people every night, of all ages and levels, so don’t miss the fun at the Common Parade Ground!

3. Assembly Row Free Riverfront Yoga

Every Saturday at 9:00AM visit riverfront yoga for free at Assembly Row. This venue hosts tons of events, offering live music, a petpalooza and more! With over 170 events this summer, Assembly Row is the place to be.

4. Yoga at Leventhal Park

Start off your week with some great fitness classes, with multiple yoga classes for different levels at Norman B. Leventhal Park. Offering Pilates and even a boot camp, your summer fitness routine couldn’t get better!


5. Night Shift Brewery Free Yoga

For more great free yoga, check out ‘Yoga & Beer: the Key to Happiness’ at Night Shift Brewery. CorePower Yoga teaches a great class at 11:00AM on Sundays, the perfect addition to your weekend!

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6. MoveWith Yoga

MoveWith Yoga in Boston offers the cheapest classes on rooftops, outdoor arenas, even on the run! They definitely have the most variety of classes, instructors, and locations in Boston, so it’s worth the $12. Check out some of the best yoga available for your summer fitness commitment.

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