5 Best Donuts to Dunk in Boston

Ever crave for something more than Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins? Ever wonder where you can find the best donuts in Boston? These 5 Best Donuts to Dunk in Boston will most definitely satisfy your cravings for that powdery, sugary goodness that’s been missing in your life this summer. These homemade, hot and sticky donuts will solve any rainy day blues and brighten even the cloudiest of mornings.

1. Union Square Donuts

Handmade in Somerville, Union Square Donuts is renowned to Bostonians for their amazingly creative and fresh donuts and affordable prices. Whether you are getting a snack on your morning commute, or a cake for your office party. Union Square Donuts is the best around. Made form scratch daily, even the vegan donuts are a home run! Get cold brew, hot coffee, or tea with these award-winning donuts that will titillate your taste buds!

2. Twin DO-Nuts

Get some great homemade donuts on your lunch break in Allston at Twin DO-Nuts! Family-friendly and cheap, this donut shop offers more than finger-lickingly good donuts. Get breakfast, and leave with a dozen donuts for dessert! Don’t miss out on some of the best food and coffee in your neighborhood!


3. Donuts With a Difference

This gem of Medford is Boston Magazine’s ‘Best of Boston: Donut’ for 2014, that Boston Magazine claims “melts-in-your-mouth.” We agree, these donuts are dangerously delicious. It’s not only worth the drive, but it’s worth revisiting again and again and again.

4. Verna’s Coffee and Donut Shop

How could there be even more homemade, soft and moist donuts in Boston? Verna’s passes with flying colors, offering seriously-savory donuts in North Cambridge. Make sure to get there in the morning, because the donuts go fast and then you’re left with less selection! Don’t be discouraged by the small interior, these donuts are worth it!


5. Linda’s Donuts

Whoever Linda is, she makes the fluffiest donuts in Boston! Check them out in Belmont for not only great donuts, but breakfast and brunch on the weekends. Their honey-dipped look so delicious you might have to make the trip right now!

Fresh batch of honey dip waiting to get in some bellies.

Posted by Linda’s Donuts on Sunday, May 4, 2014

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