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5 things to do on Memorial day in Boston

Memorial Day honors those who died in wars defending our country and our freedom. Memorial Day also marks the unofficial beginning of summer in Boston. For many people it means having a long week-end. Are you looking for things to do on Memorial day in Boston? We’ve got you covered! 1. […]

5 Date ideas in Boston

Spring again! As the weather is getting nicer everyday some couples start to realize that the rough winter might have taken a toll on their recent dates and romantic nights. No problem! We gathered for you 5 classic and affordable date ideas in and around Boston. 1. Visit an Art […]

5 Best patio bars in Boston

The weather is getting nicer everyday! Get your dose of sunshine (and alcohol) at the best patio bars in Boston. Daedalus If you are looking for a classy outdoor drinking spot. Daedalus’s rooftop patio is made for you! Ready with both heat lamps (for the winter) and fans (for the summer) to […]