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Top 4 Shopping Spots in Boston

Warmer weather means new wardrobes! As we are ditching the sweaters and coats it’s time to go shopping for a summer outfit. What are the best shopping spots in Boston? 1. Burlington Mall Burlington Mall is located in the nearby town of Burlington a couple of minutes away from downtown […]

7 best houseplants

What are the best houseplants for your apartment? Having some plants in your apartment comes with a multitude of benefits. It is known to reduce airborne toxins, increase productivity and lower stress-levels. However when considering taking a plant roommate it’s best to choose a low maintenance and hard to kill […]

best houseplants

Top 10 Places to Bike in Boston

What are the Top 10 Places to Bike in Boston? Minutemen Bike Path This 11-mile historical path runs through Cambridge, Bedford, Lexington and Arlington. The path can be access in Cambridge at the Alewife station with several seasonal refreshment areas along the way. One of the best places to bike in […]

5 Picnic Spots around Boston

The weather is getting nicer everyday. It gives us a perfect excuse to share our 5 favorite picnic spots around Boston! Clement G Morgan Park This newly refurbished this park has everything:  basketball courts, a playground, picnic tables and an excellent brand new lawn. Even if it’s quite small,  this […]

Top 5 Children’s Books about Boston

What are the Top 5 Children’s Books about Boston? Hello Boston! By: Martha Day Zschock Hello Boston! Is a great way to teach your child about our wonderful city. The book takes the reader on a tour of the city’s major landmarks while sharing some of Boston’s history. Larry Gets […]

Best Children’s Bookstores in Boston

With today being International Children’s Book Day, Cambridge Realty Group presents you with the best children’s bookstores in Boston: Henry Bear’s Park 19 Harvard St. Brookline, MA 02445 (617) 264-2422 Although Henry Bear’s Park is primarily a toy store, they have an extensive selection of children’s books and novels, perfect for […]