10 Student Discounts in Boston You Might Not Know About

People always talk about how great the city of Boston is, and it is great, but sometimes for a college student it can be difficult to take advantage of everything that the city has to offer without breaking the bank. The truth is, there are more student discounts around then you probably thought, here’s a list of cheap student discounts.


Fire and Ice


The start of the school week got you down? Fire and Ice offers UNLIMITED food all night for only 10.99. Between the good food, good atmosphere, and good price, information on this great deal for college students trying to have a night out can be found here.

Red Sox


Take me out to the baaaaall gaaaame, for 40 bucks kid? Not likely. For $9 absolutely. That’s the ticket price for Red Sox games with a valid college ID. The tickets are standing room only, but for the deal that you’re getting standing is definitely worth it. Information on tickets can be found here.

Isabella Gardner Museum


This whole museum was designed as an art piece, from the lavish gardens to buildings to the galleries. Participating universities have free tickets to this museum. Not part of one of the participating universities? Don’t worry, the Isabella Gardner Museum offers tons of other discounts, including being free on your birthday and getting a $2 discount for wearing Red Sox gear. Also, if your name is Isabella? the museum is always free. More info on their crazy discounts can be found here

Library discounts

This one requires an extra step, but is well worth it. With a Boston Library card, which you are eligible for if you go to school in Massachusetts, you can get free tickets to the Museum of science. There are other offers that you can take advantage of as well, such as the Harvard Museum of Natural History, oh, and you get the benefit of using the Boston Public Library at your convenience. Information about museum passes can be found here


The MFA offers various discounts to college students ranging from a couple bucks off to completely free for participating universities. The price drops to $10 after 3 pm on weekdays. Some cheap or free culture can help you feel like you’re really part of this cosmopolitan city of Boston. Information can be found here


Culture not your thing? How about PENGUINS! or maybe the Boston sea monstah? Tickets are discounted to $24.95, $7.95 for Simons IMAX Theatre & $29.95 for combo admission/IMAX ticket all valid with college ID. Information can be found here


Kendall sq cinema

Kendall square cinema is $9 Monday through Thursday with a valid student ID, put that together with some smuggled snacks and you’ve got a cheap night at the movies.  This cinema has a convenient location near the T and is easily accessible. Ticket prices available here

Skywalk observatory

A view of Boston in the skywalk observatory is a breathtaking experience, and with your student discount that experience becomes $4.00 cheaper. You can walk around this high up ring on the top of the Prudential and look out over Boston. Taking the price from $17 to $13 makes this a wonderful view that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Information can be found here

Brattle Theater


The Brattle offers a $2 discount for a valid student ID, which allows students to get a taste of more off the beaten path film for only $9. Looking to view a Czech filmaker’s Alice in wonderland stop motion film that uses things you would usually find in an attic to make creepy renditions of the characters? Then the Brattle is the place for you. Showtimes and tickets can be found here

Trolley tours


Looking to see a lot of Boston in a single vehicle and get some history while you’re at it? The Boston Trolley tours offer a student discount that makes the tour only $34 dollars when you order your tickets online. This one is a little pricier than the rest on this list, but it can definitely be worth it if you have the cash, and with all the saving you’ll be doing you just might have it. Information can be found here


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