10 Reasons Why Boston is Better than New York City

Not only is Boston the best city on earth, but it’s also much much better than the Big Apple. The experts at Cambridge Realty give you 10 compelling reasons why being Boston Strong is better than Broadway.


We’re Winners

The fans of Red Sox Nation are some of the most devoted fans who have ever lived. Though New York has won more statistically than our Boston favorites, the Big Apple has nearly double the teams and has the largest population in a city in the US. Boston’s four, the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins, have come a close second in championship wins compared to NYC despite our smaller population. In ten years Boston sports teams won 9 championships and were said to have completed ESPN’s ‘Grand Slam of American Sports:’ the only team in history to have all four sports teams win championships in a ten year span. Plus, nothing beats Fenway.

Our Couples are Happier

70 percent of Boston couples are either extremely happy or very happy, according to TD Bank’s ‘Love and Money Survey.’ Of all Bostonian couples, 60 percent talk about money on a weekly basis, and only 8 percent argue about money on a weekly basis (7 percent less than the national average). Boston couples are comfortable talking about finances, and are happier than the national average because of it. Do 7 in 10 couples in NYC think that finances are important? We don’t think so.

We’re Incredibly Innovative

Boston is listed as the most innovative city in America, according to the Global Innovation Agency. We have a globally innovative economy despite horrible economic climate and we cultivate opportunities such as employment and community services more than any other city. With some of the greatest minds at Harvard and MIT, how could Boston not be geared toward the future?


We’re Squeaky Clean

New York is dubbed the 6th dirtiest city in the US according to Cities Journal and the 11th dirtiest city on Forbes’ ‘America’s 20 Dirtiest Cities’ list. Where’s Boston ranked, you ask? We are too clean for any list; we aren’t even mentioned on any of them!

We Like to Bike

Boston is ranked 26th on Forbes’ list, ‘Bike Friendly Cities: America’s Best Bike Cities.’ On any given day in Boston you will see families going for a ride in the bike lane, or hipsters on their morning commute to work. In New York? You get run over on a bike; New York is not mentioned on any list for this green alternative to walking. With multiple bike share programs in Boston, it’s an easy and convenient alternative to walking that NYC doesn’t offer as readily.


We’ve Got Parks for Days

We have the first public park in America, 48-acres in Boston Common—that was established in 1634. No matter where you are in Boston you can find an outdoor space for your lunch break; the ‘Emerald Necklace’ is Boston’s own 1,100-acre system of parks that stretches throughout the city and Brookline. Though New York has Central Park, many in Manhattan don’t live nearby and have to walk a long way to get there! In Boston, you can always find a place to read your book, walk your dog, or just take a stroll with your significant other no more than a ten minutes’ walk away.


We’re Older and Wiser

Founded in 1620, Boston has more character and quality than NYC’s little finger. We started the Revolution, we had the first subway system in the US and founded the first public school in the US. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day before anyone else, and we have some of the best Italian food around in the North End (Mike’s Pastry anyone?). There’s history everywhere you look; when you walk the cobble-stone streets of the Freedom Trail you can almost see the American Revolution come to life. No other city has as big of a family tree, and we could not be more proud of our diverse, and old, heritage.

We’re Wicked Smart

Forbes loves Boston, obviously because they listed us again as the smartest city in the US! With over 100 colleges in the greater Boston area, Boston is home to the best and brightest students in the country. Boston is filled with over 250,000 students annually that help liven the historic and regal reputation. Though New York is ranked number 10 on Forbes list, they don’t host one of the oldest universities in the world (Harvard Law isn’t for blondes). Boston is not only innovative, but smart; that kind of combination could conquer the world.

Our Docs are Damn Good

Boston is home to the most top-ranked hospitals, and according to US News and World Report Best Hospitals, Massachusetts General is ranked as one of the three best hospitals in America for multiple medical conditions such as diabetes. Boston also has some of the best children’s hospitals as well, with the Dana-Farber Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center as number 1 in America. Boston takes care of the sick and wounded with the best hospitals and doctors this country has to offer. There’s no better place to contract a horrible disease than Boston!


You Can Pahk Yah Cah

Forbes lists New York City as the number 2 out of their 10 Most Extreme Commutes in the US. With an average of 40 minutes to get to a destination, NYC is one of the worst places to own a car. But fear not, Bostonians we are just number 6 on the list with an average of 37 minutes to get to work. I know that doesn’t sound much different, but to be honest who wants to own a car in NYC? It takes New Yorkers over an hour to get out of the city by car anyway. In Boston, owning a car is easy, affordable, and much more practical. You can take a weekend trip to the beach or drive to the mountains in NH; it won’t break the bank and the drive isn’t too long. Now try doing that in NYC and you’re head will explode. Just come live in Boston, it’s much better.

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