6 Places to See Amazing Christmas Lights Around Boston

Christmas! One of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is by seeing big, bold, and colorful light displays. People and organizations around the Boston area put up breathtaking displays of Christmas spirit in the form of light shows,from organized tours and events, to some hometown heroes just giving it their all on their own house. Here are just a few of the great local offerings.

Illumination’s Tour

The City of Somerville goes all out with its Christmas spirit, and it can be showcased all in a single tour. The Somerville Arts Council has put together a 45 minute trolley tour to showcase all of the brightest and best houses of Somerville, along with hot chocolate, cookies, and live music. Tickets go on sale for this tour starting on 11/30, and you’d want to hurry up, because these sell out fast.


This Light and Sound show takes place in Fanueil hall, starting at 4:30 and running every hour and half hour. Using 350,000 LED lights to brighten Boston’s skyline, and accompanied by the music of the Boston Pops, this seven minute show brightens the entirety of the marketplace and really brings the cheer to combat the stress of Christmas shopping.

Boston Blinks! Holiday Light & Sound Extravaganza

Winter Lights on the Greenway

The Length of the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston gets lit up with various dazzling light displays during this time of year, all the way until the middle of march. These lights have a bit of the Christmas feel, but are also intended to light up winter “the darkest part of the year.” The display features moonlight globes, trees decorated in stunning lights and even cafe lights to make a walk on the Greenway pleasant even in these cold and dark times.

Harbor Fog, Wharf District Parks

Violette Family’s Christmas Light display

This family decorates their house, turning it from home to holiday attraction. They change the display a little bit each year, incorporating a new and exciting element. Past features included a half moon with a Santa hat, a Christmas tree the size of the roof, and the phrase “Let it snow” spelled out in blue lights. Located in Quincy, this is a spectacle that anyone full of the Christmas spirit is not going to want to miss.

The Hoa Nguyen house

This family home is another extravagant display of Christmas spirit, with Hoa and his father Trong putting up an incredible display of electric snow, hovering angels blinking Christmas trees, and even LED fireworks to put everyone who walks by into the Christmas spirit. This display is located on Adams Street in Boston.

Adams Street, just north of Victory Road, in Boston in 2013. (Greg Cook)

Medford City Hall

The city of Medford wears its Christmas pride right on its city hall. Every year there is a lighting of the lights ceremony with speeches and festivities. The Display includes a Frosty with a moving arm, two signs that say “Peace on Earth” as well as candy canes and lit trees. A display not to be missed.

5 Boston Restaurants Serving a Stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming, and with that is a certain dread that comes from the preparation. Slaving over a hot stove preparing dish after dish is rewarding enough if you have a full family or “Friendsgiving” to prepare for, but if it’s a smaller circle it might just not be worth it. Not to worry, as there are these wonderful restaurants ready to serve you on Thanksgiving, whether you’re looking for the traditional repast or something a little more unconventional.

The Frogmore

This Lowcountry Restaurant will be serving up half and whole turkeys with your choice of apple or pumpkin pie. They serve some of the old favorites of Thanksgiving cuisine like green bean casserole along with Southern options to give your Thanksgiving a new twist. Located at 365 Centre st. Jamaica Plain find more information atthefrogmore.com.

La Voile

Tired of Turkey and looking for something a little different? How about Cornish game hen? That’s what replaces the friendly gobbler at this French brasserie located on 261 Newbury St. in Boston. This new bird doesn’t go the meal alone, it’s served with thyme butter, potato mousseline, spinach, chanterelles, and cranberry sauce. You even get French cheese puffs instead of French rolls!



Far from only serving beef, this restaurant offers up a full traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey thigh and leg, stuffing and cranberry sauce. But maybe your palette wants to mix its November up with some East Coast oysters of Maine lobster? Moo…will give the traditionalists what they want and the people looking for something new the answer. Located at 15 Beacon st. Boston.


Restaurant Dante

Located at 40 Edwin H. Land Blvd, Cambridge, this restaurant offers a sustainable option for Thanksgiving. Want your turkey to have been locally sourced? You got it! Free range? No problem! Don’t want a turkey but want the deliciousness? Covered! The vegetarian is a chestnut stuffing with potato puree, sweet potato fries, and maple Brussel sprouts. If the more typical Thanksgiving isn’t your jam, then try the Long Island roast duck with sour cherries. The best part is you get a slice each of four pies, so you don’t have to choose.


Top of the Hub

At 800 Boylston St.  you can enjoy Thanksgiving with the view from the top of the Prudential Center. Four courses will tantalize your taste buds with beef brisket, lemon-sole, and coffee-rubbed beef tenderloin. Your meal comes with a pass to the skywalk observatory, so you can take a walk and digest your food while enjoying the view.

7 Vegetarian Eateries Around Boston

Being a vegetarian can be tough, when you go out for food you can only get a salad so many times. People assume that vegetarian options need to be bare bones and simple at many chain restaurants, and you end up feeling like you wasted a meal. Luckily, the Boston area has tons of locations that cater to vegetarians and spice up the options with great menus and atmosphere.

  1. Veggie Galaxy

Located on 450 Mass Ave, Central Square in Cambridge, Veggie Galaxy has an old time diner feel with a progressive attitude and menu. Veggie galaxy can meet your vegetarian needs late and early, being open from 9am to 10pm. MBTA accessible and located in bustling central square Veggie Galaxy has delicious options from butternut squash soup, to make your own omelet options and delicious sandwiches.

  1. Life Alive

The Life Alive in Cambridge acts as a companion restaurant to the original in Lowell. Also located in Central Square, Life alive is an experience as well as a restaurant. This establishment is offering a rejuvenating meal complete with soups, smoothies, and fresh, made to order unprocessed grains and vegetables. Each dish is topped with an enzyme sauce to aid in digestion and add to the flavor. If you are committed to a vegetarian lifestyle this place is for you. Located on 765 Mass Ave, Life Alive is a hotspot for delicious vegetarian food.

  1. O2 vegan café

This vegan café is attached to O2 yoga, so if you’re looking for a good meal and a some cleansing yoga, this place is a good two for one! Fully vegan, this café has options for breakfast and lunch, ranging from the house veggie burger to a tofurkey melt, to vegan nacos with avocado crema. Located on 1001 Mass Ave, halfway between Harvard square and Central Square on the Red Line, O2 vegan café is the solution to revitalize both body and soul.

4.  Mother Juice

Located on 625 West Kendall Street in Cambridge this all vegan juice bar uses only organic fruits and vegetables in their cold pressed juice and smoothies. Mother juice pays special attention to having their materials come from local sources so you can enjoy healthy, ethical drinks that support the local economy. They also have raw vegan snacks to go along with their delicious juices such as Chia seed pudding. Stop in Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm for your vegan juice fix.

5.  My Thai Vegan and Bubble Tea Bistro

Located in Chinatown, on 3 Beach St. on the second floor, this café is all vegan. Offering a variety of hot and cold drinks to complement their vegan Thai dishes, this café has an extensive menu and a wonderful dining atmosphere. They use ingredients like lemon leaves, lime juice, and basil to burst open the palette in certain places, while using curry and coconut milk to bring a delicious mildness as well

6.  Rhythm and wraps

Located…on the road! This Food truck serves areas around Boston University and Harvard. The chef is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, and specializes in vegetarian and Ayurvedic-inspired cooking. That reputation comes with some delicious dishes to back it up, such as the Chickpea Vegetable Curry, and a variety of wraps using vegan sausage or tempeh bacon. Rhythm and wraps is perfect for a vegetarian meal when you don’t have time to sit down somewhere and eat.

7.  Taco party Food truck

Another one for the road, this food truck rotates between Seaport, Financial District, Rowes Wharf, Somerville, and Chinatown. As the name implies, this food truck is all about tacos and Mexican food, but it’s all vegan! There are the staples of the truck, like a taco with seitan marinated in citrus love potion, and a tofu taco with seasoned bread crumbs, but then there’s a surprise. Every day the truck has a different seasonal taco of the day special. This is a truck to follow day to day to find new tastes when it drives into town.


10 Student Discounts in Boston You Might Not Know About

People always talk about how great the city of Boston is, and it is great, but sometimes for a college student it can be difficult to take advantage of everything that the city has to offer without breaking the bank. The truth is, there are more student discounts around then you probably thought, here’s a list of cheap student discounts.


Fire and Ice


The start of the school week got you down? Fire and Ice offers UNLIMITED food all night for only 10.99. Between the good food, good atmosphere, and good price, information on this great deal for college students trying to have a night out can be found here.

Red Sox


Take me out to the baaaaall gaaaame, for 40 bucks kid? Not likely. For $9 absolutely. That’s the ticket price for Red Sox games with a valid college ID. The tickets are standing room only, but for the deal that you’re getting standing is definitely worth it. Information on tickets can be found here.

Isabella Gardner Museum


This whole museum was designed as an art piece, from the lavish gardens to buildings to the galleries. Participating universities have free tickets to this museum. Not part of one of the participating universities? Don’t worry, the Isabella Gardner Museum offers tons of other discounts, including being free on your birthday and getting a $2 discount for wearing Red Sox gear. Also, if your name is Isabella? the museum is always free. More info on their crazy discounts can be found here

Library discounts

This one requires an extra step, but is well worth it. With a Boston Library card, which you are eligible for if you go to school in Massachusetts, you can get free tickets to the Museum of science. There are other offers that you can take advantage of as well, such as the Harvard Museum of Natural History, oh, and you get the benefit of using the Boston Public Library at your convenience. Information about museum passes can be found here


The MFA offers various discounts to college students ranging from a couple bucks off to completely free for participating universities. The price drops to $10 after 3 pm on weekdays. Some cheap or free culture can help you feel like you’re really part of this cosmopolitan city of Boston. Information can be found here


Culture not your thing? How about PENGUINS! or maybe the Boston sea monstah? Tickets are discounted to $24.95, $7.95 for Simons IMAX Theatre & $29.95 for combo admission/IMAX ticket all valid with college ID. Information can be found here


Kendall sq cinema

Kendall square cinema is $9 Monday through Thursday with a valid student ID, put that together with some smuggled snacks and you’ve got a cheap night at the movies.  This cinema has a convenient location near the T and is easily accessible. Ticket prices available here

Skywalk observatory

A view of Boston in the skywalk observatory is a breathtaking experience, and with your student discount that experience becomes $4.00 cheaper. You can walk around this high up ring on the top of the Prudential and look out over Boston. Taking the price from $17 to $13 makes this a wonderful view that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Information can be found here

Brattle Theater


The Brattle offers a $2 discount for a valid student ID, which allows students to get a taste of more off the beaten path film for only $9. Looking to view a Czech filmaker’s Alice in wonderland stop motion film that uses things you would usually find in an attic to make creepy renditions of the characters? Then the Brattle is the place for you. Showtimes and tickets can be found here

Trolley tours


Looking to see a lot of Boston in a single vehicle and get some history while you’re at it? The Boston Trolley tours offer a student discount that makes the tour only $34 dollars when you order your tickets online. This one is a little pricier than the rest on this list, but it can definitely be worth it if you have the cash, and with all the saving you’ll be doing you just might have it. Information can be found here


8 Things to do in Boston before Winter.

I don’t know about you, but I still remember shoveling out my car a hundred times last winter to try and cross the barren waste that the city had become, and that’s why I intend to get everything out of fall before that happens again. The weather is starting to turn, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun things to do before the weather gets too cold. Winter is coming! Get out while you still can!

  1. Kayaking and Canoeing on the Charles River

Doesn’t matter if you own a Canoe or Kayak, or need to rent one from Charles River Canoe and Kayak center, the Charles offers a great place to get on the water and paddle. Find more information here

2. Gold star pool


The only city-owned outdoor pool in Cambridge, located on Berkshire and Cambridge streets. This pool has a depth range of 2.5ft-9ft and admission is only $0.75 per person. Remember to bring your own lounge chair, drinks and snacks for optimal summer fun! For more information look here

  1. Recreation Sundays on Memorial Drive

Memorial Drive Recreation Sundays (Spring to Fall)


Every Sunday until the 2nd Sunday in November, Memorial Drive is closed to traffic between Western Ave and Mount Auburn Street and open to skating, biking, and just general walking. Take advantage of the view of the Charles that’s usually blocked by this busy road! For hours and specifics look here

  1. Boston by Foot (and by Little Feet) Tours


Manulife Building, Platinum LEED Certified

Until October, Boston by Foot does regular walking tours that highlight Boston’s rich heritage in architecture and history. The tours are 90 minutes long and cost $12. That sound too long for your child to handle? There’s also the Boston by Little Feet tour program, which is a 60 minute tour for children ages 6-12 and costs $8. A good way to absorb Boston and get a feel for walking around the city. More information on specific tours can be found at http://www.bostonbyfoot.org/

  1. Boston DUCK Tours

Boston Duck Boat Tours


You can head over to the Prudential Center, the Museum of Science, or the New England Aquarium for a DUCK tour! These tours are given on World War II amphibious landing vehicles that have been given a friendly makeover. These 80 minute tours are narrated by expert guides who really know Boston. The guide will drive you around Boston until using its amphibious capabilities to take to the water and give you a breathtaking view on the Charles. On top of that, you might even get the chance to drive the DUCK! For specific times and locations look here

  1. Boston Harbor Whale Watching

Boston Harbor Cruises offers three hour whale watch cruises on high speed catamaran vessels. Three outside decks offer a great chance to catch sight of the whales, and a climate controlled interior cabin provides cushy seats for luxury between sightings. Every BHC whale watch is narrated by a naturalist from the Whale Center in New England. This one is a little expensive at roughly $50 per person, but they will refund your ticket if you don’t see a whale on your watch. For times look here

  1. Take a trip to the Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden

Close by to the Common is a wonderful botanical park called Boston’s Public Garden. Commissioned in 1860 to be built by architect George Meacham the nearly 4 acre large plot of land has enormous trees, historic statues and fountains, and swan boats that visitors can peacefully ride on the middle pond. The Swan boats are pedal powered and are the perfect thing for a leisurely relaxing ride if kayaking on the Charles isn’t your style. Information about the park can be found here

  1. Farmer’s Markets!

There are tons of ways to eat local around Boston, especially in the Cambridge area, and getting the food while it’s still in season is key.

The Cambridge Farmer’s market has some information here



Between different farmers markets and food festivals, there are ample opportunities to get healthy, delicious vegetables and fruits. The Cambridge Center farmer’s market is a great place to buy locally grown food and help out local businesses, and there are tons of other farmer’s markets in the Boston area.

7 Best Juice Bars in Boston

The juice-bar-trend has been popping up all over Boston, getting both health nuts and fast-food-junkies alike excited about the fresh and smooth juice that can help refresh your body like nothing else can. It cools you down on a hot summer day, while at the same time keeping you energized throughout the work day!Check out our list of the 7 best juice bars in Boston so you can explore a different kind of workday snack.


Boston ProJuice

Boston ProJuice, driving all over Boston and visiting the best locations, has the most variety and the best produce for your juice cravings. Get some kale chips, or even some frozen produce popsicles, at this prime location to help jump start your healthy living.

Squeeze Juice Bar

With three locations in Boston, Squeeze Juice Bar has unique juices for whatever specific mood or need you require. Not only offering juice, but smoothies and acai bowls, Squeeze Juice Bar is a great place to visit for plenty of tasty and fresh juice options.


With organic, vegan, gluten-free and raw options, Cocobeet has been featured in many a magazine for it’s vast array of juice cleanse options for the serious juicer, as well as a fresh cold-pressed juices for your lunch break.


Jugos on Dartmouth St offers everything from old school detoxes to plenty of Mexican-style juices and drinks for everyone to enjoy. It’s a truly unique juice-bar option that has plenty of combinations and ingredients that no other juice-bar offers. Definitely worth a visit for the adventurous juice-fanatic!


With a new location in Harvard Square, New York-centeralized Liquiteria has come to Boston to bring students the best juice options for cleanses, detoxes, smoothies and more. Go check out there newest location at Harvard to try and compare their juices to the other Boston-natives!


Mother Juice

With a location in Kendall, Mother Juice has 100% organic everything! With a food truck as well, Mother Juice uses local produce to make snacks, smoothies, and every juice for your pleasure and enjoyment. Definitely worth the T ride.

Juice Republic

With a lot of juice and tea options, Juice Republic delivers awesome juice blends from Kneeland St. With shots of the best ingredients to smoothies, Juice Republic is an under-rated gem that juice-lovers should most definitely check out.

Quiz: In What Neighborhood in Boston Do You Belong?

Take this quiz to find out which Boston neighborhood is hiding your next apartment! Tally up your responses and figure out which neighborhood fits your lifestyle and habits best. We at Cambridge Realty believe that everyone can find a place to call home in Boston; so check out this quiz and see what’s in store for you this coming September 1st!


Best Mid-Day Snack…

a)A cold brew iced-coffee and a gluten free muffin on recycled paper plates.

b) An espresso and a cannoli from Mike’s.

c) A five-hour-energy and a Metro Cafe salad to-go.

d) Why go out to eat? I brought my peach and Chobani in my lunchbox to snack on.



How Do You Commute…

a) I prefer to bike to work, it’s better for the environment, my health and my wallet!

b) My Charlie Card is always in my hand.

c) Either the T or Uber, depending on traffic and my earliest meeting.

d) I like to drive to work.  


Ideal Date Night…

a) Let’s go to a free concert and get some juice at Liquiteria in Harvard Square!

b) Before the sox game we went to Tavern In the Square bar for a couple drinks and apps.

c) He treated me to the newest blockbuster then we walked the harbor.

d) Netflix movie night anyone?



Where do you shop most…

a) I love checking out Harvard Square’s farmers’ market, they have the best fresh produce.

b) I can never get enough of that North End bakery-style pizza.

c) Newbury Street has the best shops around, how could I shop anywhere else?

d) Online shopping is the best kind of shopping, you don’t have to leave the couch!  



Mosty A’s: You belong in Cambridge/Somerville!

Full of academic rigor and environmental awareness, Cambridge/ Somerville is the innovation-hub of Boston. You can find your chi laying out in Harvard Yard, but you also appreciate the challenge of some of the world’s top institutions. You most likely work for a start-up and wear thickly-rimmed glasses to pull off your hipster look.

Mostly B’s: Allston/ Brighton/ Fenway are your stomping-grounds.

You belong in college-central; you can deal with everyone from BU breathing down your neck because of the amazing and eclectic food choices and arts surrounding you. Being so close to Fenway and the gem that is the North End isn’t so bad either. You probably are working on your grad-degree while you walk dogs and serve lattes on the weekend.

Mostly C’s: You can’t wait to explore Downtown/ Back Bay.

Your career has already taken off in the most up-and-coming area in Boston. Fort Point and Seaport are being built-up by Boston’s biggest architecture firms, so it’s booming economic and business-oriented atmosphere is perfect for your ambitious and diligent attitude. You most definitely are an intern, or maybe even a new employee, of one of the many businesses growing their roots in Downtown.

Mostly D’s: Stop pretending you’re in college, you better go home to “The Burbs” (Medford, Malden, Jamaica Plain, etc.)

You’ve lived in every other part of Boston paying the highest rents imaginable, and now you know you want to settle down with your dog in The Burbs. Cheaper rent makes up for the longer commute, plus you get a bigger yard and some peace and quiet from all those college hooligans. Don’t fret, you still get the chance to experience the best of Boston, just on your own terms. Plus, you’re frugal financials and time-management skills makes you smarter than the rest of us in our 20s.

The Seven Most Satisfying Slices in Boston

Your humble servants at Cambridge Realty bring you a list of the seven most satisfying slices of pizza that our beautiful city of Boston has to offer. Take our advice and visit the places with the crunchiest crust, the stringiest cheese, and the spiciest pepperoni and set your taste buds ablaze.


The Upper Crust Pizzeria

With six locations in and around Boston, Upper Crust Pizzeria is by far the best place to get mouth-watering pizza at the best prices. Winner of “Best of Boston” Best Pizza, Upper Crust has gluten free, veggie, and plenty of juicy and meaty options for every type of pizza-lover. I know where I’m stopping on my lunch break.

Regina Pizzeria

Claiming to have the best pizza since 1926, Regina Pizzeria has quite possibly the best brick oven pizza around. Located in the North End, and even Fenway, Regina Pizzeria is a classic; simple, fresh ingredients top some of the best crust we’ve ever tasted. So go give Regina Pizzeria a visit; it’s definitely worth the wait.

Santarpio’s Pizza

Inducted in Boston’s Hall of Fame, Santarpio’s started a pizza-revolution in 1903 with some of the best pizza in Boston. Winner of “Best of Boston” Best Pizzeria three years in a row, from 2010 to 2012, Santarpio’s has amazing traditional pizza and tons of options for everyone who craves the savory-goodness of a good slice.

All Star Pizza Bar

A Cambridge favorite, All Star Pizza Bar always has a line out the door in Inman Square. Try out their sandwich bar too; All Star Sandwich Bar is beyond delicious as well. They just do everything well. I know we will be walking across the street for some uh-mazing lunch.

Emma’s Pizza

Another favorite, Emma’s Pizza in Kendall Square has unique combinations with great ingredients. Emma’s is an office favorite, with hand crafted crust that’s as thin as paper. Have a slice -or 20. We don’t judge, we’ll buy our own personal pizza and join in on the party!


The Cambridge pizzeria’s never end with this New York Style pizzeria; on Huron Ave. it may looks like a smaller place, but the pizza is to die for. Check out this wonderful pizza place for an afternoon bite!

Alfredo’s Italian Kitchen

Alfredo’s Italian Kitchen is the classic Italian experience in Cambridge, Somerville, and more. This family-run restaurant has great pizza and a great atmosphere to keep your pizza-cravings at bay. Everything is homemade and delicious, so definitely give one of their 8 locations a visit.

Picco Restaurant

In the South End of Boston, Picco gives you every option for the bonafide pizza-connoisseur. From lightly charred to well done, Picco has great pizza for your entire family.

8 Family-Friendly Activities for Fun Under the Sun

Here’s 8 great ideas to occupy you and your restless family this summer. When you’re tired of days trips to the nearest pool and you need someplace to bring the kids, here’s a list of how you can distract even the most hyper of youngsters in our beloved Boston.

1. Next Stop, Imagination Station!

Boston Children’s Museum is the perfect place to bring the little ones, right on the boardwalk in Fort Point, it will be a fantastic day for exploration and play time. With fishing and science on the boardwalk, you can get an ice cream and draw a chalk-town to your hearts/ content. But more importantly explore the museum’s endless array of thought-provoking and fun activities for you and your kids. Marking 100 years of fun under their belts, the Boston Children’s Museum a perfect and endless distraction for kids of all ages.

2. Get Quackin’

You kids will love the Boston Duck Tour, the combined bus and boat ride will enchant your kids while the tour guide makes duck noises that they will imitate for the rest of the day. Be a tourist just for the day, and learn the history of Boston while your kids have fun galavanting around Boston in a giant duck!

3. Science!

Learn the science behind your favorite Pixar characters and movies at the Boston Museum of Science. Your kids will love to learn about the marvels of our universe, from NASA to the Pacific Ocean, the wealth of knowledge this museum offers will have your kids asking questions for days. Get in a simulated airplane and learn in the family-friendly and fun Boston Museum of Science.

4. Monkey-Business

Visit the Franklin Park Zoo; it will be a curiosity-filled adventure for your kids to learn about every animal and plant they see. It’s such a great way to spend a nice day looking at exotic reptiles and monkeys galore. There’s even a playground!

5. Turtle-Time and Penguin Paradise

Take your kids to the New England Aquarium, with an IMAX theater and turtles your kids will most definitely be quoting ‘Finding Nemo.’ It’s a great way to explode your kids to the big blue ocean, without taking them to the beach! It’s worth buying a ticket for this air-conditioned fun.


6. Paddle Boats

Take your kids out on the Charles River in Boston Pedal Boats and enjoy the nice weather and avoid the humidity of the playground. The Esplanade is also a great place to take a walk, or bring the kids’ scooters to mess around and enjoy Boston’s sunny days.


The LEGOLAND Discover Center in Somerville is definitely something to get excited about. With indoor rides, a 4D cinema, and tons of space and inspiration to build the best worlds straight form your children’s heads (and maybe your own).

8. Boston Movie Theaters

Boston is filled with fantastic movie theater, 3D and IMAX alike, to take your kids on a rainy day (or even a sunny one). Go see new releases like Pixel or Minions at the AMC Loews in Boston Common, or at Regal Cinemas at Fenway Stadium. Definitely see Jurassic World at AMC Loews in Assembly Row, or check out Ant Man in 3D or go see Inside Out and stuff your kids with buttery popcorn and candy for the afternoon. It’s less expensive for a matinee, so treat you kids to a movie and some candy to rot their teeth.

4 Beckoning Beaches Closest to Boston

The past few days of heat have tortured us at Cambridge Realty; we longed for the sweet serenity of the beach instead of blankets of humidity. Check out these day-trip spots not too far from the city!


Revere Beach

This 2-mile stretch of sand is one of the most popular spots for Boston beach-lovers, sporting a annual New England sand-sculpture festival and tons of beach activities. It’s family-friendly with public facilities, and close-to-home at the end of the MBTA Blue line, the Wonderland T stop. Also, it’s the oldest public beach in the US!


Spectacle Island

Boston’s Harbor Islands is easily accessible on quick ferry ride, where there’s pebbles to skip, sand to tan on, and restrooms and concessions. The boat ride can be accessed once you get off at the Aquarium T stop.

Carson Beach

This South Boston beach is another easily-accessable beach a short walk from the JFK/UMASS T stop on the red line. Though amenities are not as readily available, the view is worth it.


Constitution Beach

This beach is a local favorite, right between Logan Airport and the Blue line. You may find that it’s small, but with a playground and many other courts and amenities this small beach is upgraded. Get off at the Orient Heights T stop and take a short jaunt to this adorable beach!